E-Mail from family who's lives are changed forever

I thought I would take a minute to e-mail you about living in a Industrial Wind Farm, My Family refers to it as HELL. WE bought this 100 acre farm 16 years ago because we wanted to live in the country where we could enjoy the peace and quiet. Well since they installed these turbines our lives have changed forever. The noise from the turbines is unbearable.
WE wake up almost every night from the noise and vibration of the house. I get frequent headaches that I never had before, so I spend most of my work day feeling tired and worn out. Another problem we have is the Shadow flicker. At times in the morning and evening it the turbines send a strobe like effect through our house and you can't get away from it. The Wind mill people lied from the beginning about these. I just want to spread the word
so that other people realize that these should be located away from residential properties. Thanks for your time
(Name withheld)
Eden, WI

E-Mail from women forced to live with noisy turbines

My name is *****************and I live near the wind turbines. I now tell everyone I live next to  a no name airport. I cannot sleep with windows open due to the noise. My daughter has so much flickering she is really upset.  We were told there was no noise and that our property taxes would go down due the money the Town of Byron would receive. We were lied to! Our taxes went up and the noise is simply awful!  My daughter lives in the Town of Leroy. She also loved the county and they bought a hobby farm. Her and her husband like bon fires at night abd listening to the night sounds. Now all they hear is wind turbines that sound like like airplanes and the awful shadows. I told her the shadows at her housemake me dizzy!

(Name withheld)
Brownsville, Wi

E-Mail from family that can't sell home surrounded by wind turbines

April 6, 2009

In 1997 my husband and I purchased our current property.  It was an old farmhouse in the country.  We knew it would be work because the house and yard needed so much.  So for more than the next decade we spent all our money improving our property and renovating our home.  We buried barn ruins that had laid charred for years.  We took down old buildings and fixed the ones we chose to leave.  We dismantled a total of 3 old silos.  We spent $12,000 putting in a swimming pool and deck for our family.  In 2005 we refinanced our home to add $60,000 for all new cedar siding and new windows.  We had come so far and were finally seeing that we had improved so much and that everything we envisioned was getting closer after years and years of hard work.

In 2002 I purchased two alpacas (llama type animals) for $12,000 each.

I started with 2 alpacas and kept breeding them to build my herd. I currently have 10. Alpaca’s are very easy animals to raise.  We never had any problems with birthing, breedings or daily care.  An alpaca’s gestation period is just shy of a year.  This last summer in 2008 after waiting a whole year for our new babies, we had one mother abort early in Spring. Then in late summer our second mother gave birth to a still born baby.  Is this coincidental?  I don’t think so. Year after year I had never had any problems, and then I loose two babies’ the first time I rebreed after the turbines were up.  I know it is not coincidental because the sounds that echo through the metal pole shed our animals live in are unbearable at times.  It is like being in a tin can with echoes of jet engines running right outside.  I spent an entire night out there while caring for the birthing mother and I knew in my heart what had happened here.  Alpaca’s are gentle animals, and since dealing with the wind turbines we have seen a huge change in the behavior of our animals.  They are no longer gentle.  They are very jumpy and always stressed.  All the years prior to this we never saw this behavior. 

When we found out about the wind turbines that were going to be put up around our property, we listed our home for sale.  Even without the remodeling complete all realtors who came through thought it should bring a price of over $300,000.  We had an appraisal done that appraised the property for $315,000 as it sat.

We had several interested parties but everyone that looked at it asked what the roads were that were going in down the road.  As soon as anyone found out they were the driveways for wind turbines that were to be constructed, the interest in the property stalled.

Month after month of getting the house perfectly cleaned for showings, we decided to just take it off the market.

My three older children are from a previous marriage.  Their father and & I divorced years ago when they were little kids.  When the kids were little I always feared he would quit his job and I would not receive child support.  15 years later this fear came true.

In May of 2008 my children’s Dad left his job at Grande Cheese after 25 years of employment.  I did not receive any child support from April to December of 2008.  And even now it has been a struggle to get him to pay anything at all.  I had to pay an attorney to take him back to court several times.  On December 3, 2008 he was sentenced to 90 days in jail for not paying child support.  His mom wrote a check about 1 week later, but not for the amount owed, and he was released. 

In June of 2008 several of our rental properties we had owned in the City of Fond du Lac were flooded.  Three units were even condemned. 

We found ourselves faced with a financial disaster.  We were faced with foreclosure on our condemned rental properties.  From there we looked at what we could do to restructure our financials.  We had lost a lot of money in the rental properties.  The animals I invested in are now a great risk to pay $1000-$2500 to rebreed.  So in turn, my initial investment costs are wasted.  Everything we had was turning upside down fast.  I had to make a decision, did it make sense to stick any more money into our home to finish it.  We were already being told we wouldn’t sell it for even close to what we already had in it.  We had watched neighbors home sit on the market for years.

I am a mother of four children and all these years we thought our home would be our nest egg.  Now it is only another loosing gamble as to if we could ever sell it, not because of todays market, but because of the turbines behind our home.  I talked with a couple of realtors and heard time and time again that people will not pay big money to live near these wind turbines.  I was told we would have to price our home under $200,000 in order to interest anyone.  This the same home we had just had appraised at $315,000.

My husband is doctoring for depression.  I have a daughter that is seeing a specialist for serious stomach problems.  I have had endless sleepless nights since the wind turbines went up.  I am constantly having feelings of anxiety.  My children have complained of headaches and not sleeping well.

Let me ask you, what would you do?  I have been forced to make a decision I never thought I’d have to make.  My husband and I have decided to walk away from our property. We can’t wait years to sell it.  I can’t stand it here for another day.  I can’t leave soon enough.  You may be able to put turbines up behind our home, but that doesn’t mean and I am going to do nothing when it affects my family’s health, my animal’s well-being.  The only resort I have at this point is to just walk away. 

I have a 21 year old daughter in college, a 17 year old son, a 16 & 8 year old daughter. 

It’s too late for me to take any more chances.  I have kids I need to get through college.  I don’t know how I’ll do it.  I just know it’s not good to live in this house anymore.  This property I had once loved and was so proud to own is of no use to me.  I have worked 60 hours a week for years, to only find myself with nothing.  But my health as well as my families cannot be sacrificed.  So as you hear this, I do not know where we are going to live.  But I do know, it won’t be under a wind turbine or anywhere near one.  The safest bet would to find a house right next door to the people who determine these set backs, because no matter what they decide, it seems they are never the people affected.

(Name withheld)
Oakfield, WI   (temporarily)

Letter from a Wisconsin woman who is having trouble living near turbines:

To Jim Lepinski, Public Service Commissioner:

I am writing in disgust to you about the wind turbine project that went up around the town of Brownsville. My family and I live in the township of Leroy. We came to live out here about five and a half years ago, looking for a nice community to live in and raise our children. We thought we had found an area where people would look out after one another and show decent good values towards their neighbors. Obviously this is not the place, nor the people that I thought were out here. Now all I hear when I go outside to my once quiet yard is that thumping swishing noise created by those stupid wind turbines. Not to mention how ugly those things are with their stupid red lights on top of them.

I feel like we now live in the middle of an industrial park! If I wanted to live in an industrial park with noise and lights we would have lived in a city. We chose to live on a quiet rural road where no real disturbing sounds existed up until now. We were never in favor for those things to go up around here. I have never heard anything good about living next to them and now I know it as a fact.

My husband did go to a couple of the town hearings before they voted to put them up, only to have fallen on deaf ears. I think maybe those who were supposed to be listening to the opposers of this project were probably doodling while their pleas were being said. My husband and I are tax paying upright citizens, who have worked hard for what we have. We have done nothing but renovate our house, trying to make it a nice home, only to have you and your people knock it all down.

The really great thing is, you don't care. No one cares. Do you live next to these things? I bet none of you do. I am personally inviting you to come out to our house while they are turning, which is ninety percent of the time, so you can hear for yourself what a nuisance these things are. Thank you so much for considering people like me. You know it takes us average middle class citizens to make your stupid townships and counties go round. Do we deserve this? If you guys think they are so great, why don't you put them up in YOUR backyards! I don't care what anyone says, you all sold your souls to the devil for a little bit of money.

You had men put these things up, and they can take them down. This is not a God-made creation, they are man-made pieces of junk that are creating a lot of noise in my yard. I want something done about this! Start making laws that protect innocent citizens like us from this stupid project. I don't care if you need to try and save the Earth this way, but you should not be allowed to disrupt people's lives in the process.

Message: They’re here.

Now what for us? We tried to tell them before but only now are they ready to listen. Too late!

   We have five acres right in the Blue Sky/ Green Field project. We can see the (name withheld) turbine out of our dining room window.
   One of the turbines is very close to us, but we can’t measure without trespassing or paying someone to use their special equipment to measure it. Their GPS says none of the other turbines is closer than 1000 feet from a habitable structure. Not property line, mind you. If the darn thing fell this way it would most likely be in my back yard.
   I can see turbines out of every window in my house, there is no escaping it, and it’s driving me nuts already. It’s the constant movement. And the noise woke me up in the middle of the night last night. It wasn’t the turbine itself making the noise but the pulsating howl of the wind hitting it. Maybe that’s one of their loopholes.
   One of my neighbors, a land owner who is hosting a windmill, called me yesterday to ask if I could get my local T.V. stations because he couldn’t and didn’t know who to call. Luckily another land owner/host had already given me contact info with the express wish that I not tell anyone where I got the information from. They both wish they had not done this.
   My question is, Now What? Have you any idea if we have any legal recourse? We have not received a cent in any way. There was a supposed payment made for people in our position, but the town board decided we didn’t need to get any payments. We would realize it in our lower property taxes. Our taxes were higher this year than they have ever been.
   I don’t know where to start, get a lawyer on my own, or try to get all of us together to find a lawyer, I know that other people have fought them successfully bit I can’t find any info on how they did it.
   I hate the thought of leaving our home of ten years, but this will drive me to distraction. I’ve had a constant headache for nearly three weeks and the doctor has no idea why.
   I’d appreciate hearing any ideas you might have.

(name withheld)
Town of Marshfield
Fond Du Lac County

A letter from Maine dated March 26, 2008 by Mark and Kate Harris


Mark and Kate Harris of Mars Hill, ME provided this letter to the residents of Roxbury, ME on March 26,2008 in hopes the voters would make an informed decision before agreeing to permit industrial turbines on their ridgelines. We are grateful to print it here for our community.

You have asked for a description of how our lives have been affected by the wind farm on Mars Hill. These comments may be used in any way you please in assisting your town in making their decisions. I serve three congregations here as their pastor and my wife is an administrator in the area hospital. We moved here four years ago, coming from Vermont. We reside in the town of Bridgewater, Maine, which is eight miles from Mars Hill. We have purchased eighty acres on Mars Hill with the intension of building a home and living there when we retire. Unfortunately this cannot happen with the wind farm destroying the peace and safety of the residents all along the east and north sides of the mountain.

What has convinced us that we not invest ourselves and our life savings here are our own observations, not what someone else has said. Over the past four years we have been working on establishing our boundaries, cutting in roads, developing a potable water source, thinning and pruning a maple sugar orchard, releasing and pruning apple trees, and establishing the best site for our house. In the last year, it has become increasingly clear that we will not be able to tolerate the intermittent and intense sounds coming from the turbines. When the wind comes from the west or the northwest, there is a rhythmic pounding that exceeds the permitted level of sound, namely in excess of fifty decibels. The nature of the sound is that it has a major low frequency component that makes the sound penetrate homes. My own experience is that when I am cutting with my chainsaw, when I put on my helmet with the hearing protectors, the sound actually penetrates the protectors. They block out the sounds of birds, wind, tree in the wind, brook babble, but not the relentless pounding of the turbines. The sound penetrates Wendy Todd's home when we have meetings there, as well as Merle Copperwaithes home when we meet there.

We are greatly disappointed that there is no one to address our plight. My neighbors along the Mountain Road are discouraged with the lack of integrity of the town fathers, the Department of Environmental Protection, and U. P. C., the farm's developers, who all have just abandoned us to our plight. The notion of this being "clean power" is untrue. It is morally and ethically unclean. The town was lied to by representatives of the investors, the town fathers did not read the application before they co-signed the application, the DEP did not and still does not have the expertise to assess or monitor the wind farm and U. P. C. cannot be trusted. We do not have wind farm specific laws to protect us from these uncontrolled forces. You are at great risk if you let these people into your town. With an investment of eighty-five million dollars, people's judgment begins to erode.

I was trained as a biologist and worked in medical research and the food industry and my wife is a hospital administrator. The health field is an unanswered question when it comes to turbines near homes. We have seen research that is coming out regarding the health problems involved with long term exposure to the wind turbines. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have more documentation than we do. The World Health Organization has recommended a two kilometer distance between a turbine and a dwelling. We have turbines within a thousand feet of a dwelling with children in the family.

Your risk at the hands of these uninformed and overzealous and unscrupulous people is large. Let them put the turbines in wilderness areas and not near dwellings. Better safe than sorry as my grandfather used to put it.

I hope this letter may be of some use to you. There are others in our group who have better firsthand experience than I. I hope they will assist you. Wendy and Perrin Todd have given of themselves to this community and you can trust them. They are good people and not just some whacks. They have integrity in our community and you can trust what they tell you. Any mud slung at them will not stick. They have served this community well.

If there is anything else we can do, let us know. May God help you as there is no one else presently able to if you should let these turbines come to town.

If you have 20 minutes, you can watch "Welcome to Mars Hill" which includes interviews with members of a rural community whose lives have been changed by the building of a windfarm.

Or, you can watch "Voices of Tug Hill" to hear what farmers and hunters and other rural working people have to say about impact the windfarm has had on their lives, and on the drastically decreased game population since the windfarms came to their area.

Any of these will let you know what our community is facing with this serious issue.


(from the Naples Record, November 3, 2004, "Fenner Wind Farm Developers Made and Broke Many Promises"  Letter to the Editor from Pastor Kathleen Danley)

To the Editor:

My husband and I own a home in the township of Fenner, New York, and it is located in the middle of the Madison wind farm. I am not, and never have been, against wind power, but I want people to be well aware of the negative side of these giant windmills before allowing them to be built in your neighborhoods.
We have always believed that our neighbors had the right to use their property as they feel appropriate. In fact, we were even somewhat supportive of the project in our area. Our home also sits well away from the setback distances called for by zoning.
Unfortunately, we were not given all of the facts, or we were given somewhat twisted information. We were told that the windmills had been redesigned so as not to be noisy, but the grinding noise goes on 24 hours a day (when they are operating) and at times is far worse than other times.
From our bedroom window we can see no fewer than five towers and from the living room another two. On a stormy night the wind howls through our bedroom like a freight train -- yes, I know, the blades stop when the wind reaches a certain velocity, but nevertheless, they don't magically disappear. The wind continues to hit them, greatly increasing the sound that travels over them. In the middle of the summer we cannot enjoy our yard or have the windows open because these machines constantly grind and have a negative effect on one's nerves. When at the house I find that my nerves are constantly on edge.
We also have lost our television reception and were forced to purchase a satellite dish. Prior to the towers we always had very good reception of the local stations and generally had two to three more. Now it is impossible to get any of those stations. Incidentally, there is no cable in our area. The wind tower builders/management have more than once promised to look into this situation but have done nothing. They do not answer phone calls or follow up on appointments that they make with us.
Out of necessity to aviation there are lights on top of the towers, which now flash directly into our bedroom and living room windows all through the night necessitating the closing of the blinds and robbing us of the view of our own backyard and God's gift of nature -- one of the main reasons we moved to the country in the first place.
Should your area decide to go ahead with the projects, I would suggest that cell phone towers be built into the towers. This was not done in our area and there is terrible cell phone coverage. To increase the coverage more towers now need to be built and I don't see that happening any time soon.
I have also found that the discussion to have or not have wind towers in a neighborhood has pitted neighbor against neighbor in some cases and long friendships have struggled. I find this to be very sad and a huge detriment.
The wind farm in our home area has also brought much traffic to the area that we never had to deal with in the past. Drivers stop and gawk in the middle of the road becoming a hazard to those who simply want to get to work or possibly to a store or doctor appointment, etc.
Promises have been made and broken over and over again, and I find that also to be an extremely sad situation.
I pray that you can find a way to work through many of the issues without having such a huge impact on those living nearby.

Pastor Kathleen Danley, Fenner NY


The Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship (CWESt) is a grass roots organization  made up of people concerned about the responsible placement of wind turbines.

CWESt's primary goal is to provide a central source for both  gathering and giving out reliable information about industrial wind plant siting, issues relating to the industrial wind turbines and the effects on residents.

CWESt will take your concerns and information to our legislators in Madison. 

WINDCOWS applauds CWESt for providing us with this very helpful resource

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